Alternatives to MEE6

MEE6 is an awful bot, so here's a list of better bots that do everything MEE6 can and more!

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Premium MEE6 Features Alternatives

Welcome Images - ProBot

ProBot offers in-depth Welcome Image customization, including which channel to send the image to, whether or not to include some sort of text, either before or after the image. You can customize the background of the welcome image, what the text on the image will look like and even say, and so much more!
Price: $0

Custom Commands - Dyno

Dyno is still one of the most comprehensively complex and feature-rich free Discord bot out there. While the free tier of Mee6 only offers 3 custom commands, Dyno custom commands are as far as we can tell, limitless! You can change how the command will react to the user, change who can execute the command and where, add cooldowns and arguments, and add a whole bunch of variables and advanced variables that can make your custom command positively sophisticated!
Price: $0

Embed Messages - Embed Generator

Mee6 only allows A SINGLE embedded messages to be sent across your entire server without premium. Embed Generator is a web-dashboard powered bot that uses Discord webhooks to create and send comprehensive embedded messages. The website is easy and simple to use, lets you send up to 10 embedded messages within one webhook, shows you a live-preview of what the embed will look like, and even lets you store your custom embed for later use!
Price: $0

Audio Recording - Craig

Mee6 only allows 2 minutes of audio recording, which frankly may as well be nothing at all. Craig let’s you record nearly unlimited audio recordings of your voice channel conversations, tweak and edit your recordings and can split each person into their own audio track! The best bot to have for let’s play recordings, podcast recordings and a whole host of other uses!
Price: $0

Audit Logging - Logger

Some events? What are some? Don’t you worry, logger won’t skimp out on logs! With a single command you can let logger log literally everything the API lets it log about your server! It can log when a channel is created/edited/deleted, a user is banned/unbanned, Emojis are created/edited/deleted, a user joins/leaves/is kicked, a bot is added to the server, a user is given/revoked a role, a role is created/edited/deleted, show role and channel permissions that are changed, server properties are updated (name, region, moderation, etc), a message is updated/deleted/bulk deleted, a user is given a nickname, a user joins/leaves a voice channel, a user is muted/deafened in a voice channel.
Price: $0

The bread and butter of moderating a discord server, is blocking links to other discord servers. Auttaja not only blocks server invites and external links, it has a web dashboard aswell and will quickly become your new favourite moderation bot! Block advertisements, Excess capitals, staff nukes, quick-join bocking (Raids), anti-link shorteners, anti-spam, anti-zalgo, bad link protection, mention spam and bad nickname blocking!
Price: $0

This bot is a great, easy to use moderation bot, including pre-made filters for an even easy setup time including URL, Invite, Swearing, Offensive & Innapropriate language filters. Gaius will also always be on the lookout for phishing or scamming links globally, so you don't have to risk your IP or your computer to find out if the link is trustworthy. On top of all of that it also offers NSFW image detection on top of the Discord built-in NSFW detection. It has the whole suite of manual moderation commands to keep your moderators organized, automatic anti-raid countermeasures, user verification and so much more!
Price: $0

Reaction Roles - Zira

The best and most stylish way to give users their roles! But of course Mee6 only allows ONE message, and on that message only TWO reaction roles! Zira lets you assign multiple reaction role messages, multiple channels, no role limitations, autoroles on join, variable reaction roles, multiple roles from one reaction and more!
Price: $0

Leveling - Pepe Manager

The one reason everyone knows Mee6, and probably the most restrictive “feature”. Mee6 doesn’t let you assign roles as a reward, doesn’t let you change the XP rate, doesn’t let admins give or take away XP, and lacks some pretty keys customization features! Pepe Manager is a new take for server leveling, completely free and unrestrictive. It lets you single out specific channels where members can gain XP, gives a comprehensive leaderboard embedded message with pagination up to 100 members, a user-friendly image-based leveling card that fits right into Discords design, custom role rewards for reaching certain levels, up to 5 roles for the same level, custom role reward for the highest ranking person on the server each day, and constant updates to make leveling accessible for everyone!
Price: $0

Leveling Two - ActivityRank

ActivityRank is another great dedicated leveling bot with deep customization. It lets you set exactly how you want users to gain XP and what to do with that XP, like for example recieving roles when they reach a certain level. ActivityRank lets you change XP per activity, muted XP, deafend XP, solo XP, invisible XP, bonus time and bonus XP, noXP roles and channels, role assign messages, level up messages and so so much more. Even though ActivityRank does have a premium version, all of it's XP related commands are free to use!
Price: $0

YouTube/Twitch/Reddit/Twitter Notifications - Monitorss

Mee6 recently removed notifications from it’s free service entirely, when all it ever was, was RSS feeds. MonitoRSS is the free and customizable, web-dashboard included bot for all of your RSS feeds. Simply google how to get the RSS link to your favourite internet service, and the bot will send a notification to your server within 5 minutes of it being posted! New youtube videos, twitch streams, reddit posts, twitter posts, if it’s on the internet and popular enough, you’ll be sure to find an RSS feed hidden in there somewhere! Don’t pay for features as old as the internet itself!
Price: $0

Music Queue - Groovy

50 songs? Try more than 3,000. In our testing, Groovy could load and play the entire “Instant Regret Clicking This Playlist” playlist, consisting of 2,970 videos, which is 1,970 songs more than even Mee6 premium could offer. In addition, Groovy can play pretty much anything that has audio, has excellent play controls and audio fidelity, great playlist and queue control, and is a breeze to set up.
Price: $0

Statistics (Twitch, YouTube, Twitter Stats) - StreamTicker

Yet another RSS feature as old as the internet itself locked behind a paywall. StreamTicker is a super simple to use, relatively unkown bot that does all three in the manner you always wanted. A single command to add a counter for your YouTube channel. Another command for your Twitter followers, and one more for your Twitch followers! It's stupidly simple to use, lets you customize the counters, or tickers yourself, lets you create and load ticket presets, lets you force refresh tickers for a more hands-on approach and even has a built-in guide to get you setup in no time!
Price: $0

Custom Prefix

For this, we don’t have a specific recommendation. Pretty much every single bot out there worth its salt has a customizable prefix, and the reason being; compatibility. Right now there are so many bots out there, and so many of them have the same common prefix. Being able to change the prefix for your particular server is essential for the bots to work together, and not against each other. Forcing a specific prefix, and an extremely common prefix at that, onto your userbase is plainly arrogant and egotistical. It screams that whoever uses your bot wil value it over all other bots, and that changing the prefix is an “advanced” or “professional” setting that you won’t need. Newsflash; you do need it.

Free MEE6 Features Alternatives

Statistics (Server Stats) - ServerStats

The newest addition to MEE6 aims to solve a problem and fill a segment of the Discord server market that was already filled up. ServerStats is a very simple solution to adding counter-style voice channels to your server. With one command this bot creates a category displaying All Members, True User Members and Bot Members. This can be scaled up easily and you can add pending users (users who haven't accepted the rules), the number of roles, the amount of users in a role, the amount of emojis, the amount of static or animated emojis, the amount of boosts and the current boost tier. While the number of online vs. offline members can't be displayed without being a donator, this bot offers more than even MEE6 donators get, in the form of emoji and boost counters.
Price: $0

Birthdays - Birthday Bot

Quite a simple but enjoyable addition to any friend or community server. Birthday Bot lets you fully customize the birthday announcement message, lets users enter their own specific timezone, global birthday sharing, control over who's birthday actually gets announced (Per roles), what channel the announcement gets sent, and even customize up to 10 different messages (For the free version) that gets randomly sent with each birthday!
Price: $0

Music Quiz/Guess The Song - Jockie Music

Apart from this bot being a conventionally good music bot with an absolute ass-load of features, the one we're showcasing now is the Guess The Song, or the Music Quiz feature. Not only can you create music quizzes for free, but you can choose to not include certain genres of music, or only include specific genres. You can also specific from which era of music history you're most knowledgable in, and you can even include a Spotify playlist and let the bot determine the style of music you want! Lastly you can determine the winning number of songs guessed correctly, and the number of songs in total!
Price: $0

K-Pop Music Quiz - K-pop Music Quiz

While this is limiting in terms of the genre of music, we still think it's better than MEE6's offering in some very significant regards. Getting started is as simple as joining a voice channel and running the start command. There are 2 different modes, team and elimination mode, where in elimination mode you can also customize the timer the remaining players have to answer. There is also an EXP system to reward good players, special EXP modifiers and so much more. This bot is infinitely more customizeable than MEE6's music quiz offering, even if it only plays K-pop. If you want to suggest a better alternative, join our Discord server!
Price: $0

The bottom line:

The issue we have with Mee6 isn’t that it’s a bad bot. It’s a fine bot, it does what it’s designed to do. The issue we have is that Mee6 presents itself as a free bot, that takes all of the stress and pain of moderating a server, more specifically a larger server, but instead takes more and more features away from it’s users, and stuffs it into a “premium” program that costs far too much, which shoves itself into your face as much as it can with deals, promotions and “check out these unbelievably cool features you’re getting!”

Mee6 presents itself as an easy-to-use, “noob” friendly bot, which preys on the un-informed and the new users of Discord with it’s Discord-like styled website and dashboard, and makes it seem like Mee6 is the only bot out there that will do everything that the user desires, when in reality this couldn’t be further from the truth. We built this website to show that there are other, better, more featureful bots that have been lovingly created to give you the user a better and more enjoyable Discord experience. Discord has always and will always be about community.

We don’t want to attack the people who use Mee6 in their server either. If Mee6 has worked out for your purposes, we’re thrilled it has, and we hope you’re happy with your choice/purchase, we simply want to give people who have been nudged and coaxed into the Mee6 corner to see that there are other options, and that managing, moderating and interacting with a Discord server does not need to cost any money at all.